Building Systems 2

Module 1
Supplementing a review of Human Comfort issues in building systems integration for commercial/institutional buildings, the new concept of “sustainability empathy” is introduced to students as an important new consideration for building occupants. To satisfy occupants needs for contributing to a sustainable environment, the emphasis towards systems design adhering to low-carbon approaches is reinforced. Carbon trading and taxation is explained, related to new building construction, and approaches to overall systems design is listed as different ways to provide the rubric of measurement towards low-carbon commercial/institutional buildings. (Slides 1-14)

Module 4
As part of the studies of HVAC types and their typical uses, students are introduced to energy management tools used in current HVAC systems equipment. Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI) and Energy Utilization Intensity (EUI) are explained and compared, and related to how to achieve low-carbon commercial/institutional buildings. (Slides 14-22)

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